Ted Canto

Gilbert, Arizona
A dedicated student to this curriculum called "LIFE". I am passionate about life and everything I do. I love to learn, I love to play, I love to dance, I love my family, I love my girls, I love! I have been called "brash" but I'm not. I am caring, sometimes to a fault. I love greatness so I look for the greatness in others so that we can be great together and spread it around. I am definitely misunderstood. I wear my heart on my sleeve and as a result, people tend to think that there is an agenda to their own fault. I've been on a journey called ME and I have found how amazing it is to be the person that I am working on. As a result, my life has grown exponentially and I continue to search for more of me as there are no limits to what I can do and who I can be. I'd like you to join me.. Will you?